Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Political Quote Fun

Sarah Palin has advocated teaching both creationism and evolution in schools. To his [Dawkings] mind "the evidence for evolution is so strong that in order not to believe in evolution you must either be ignorant, stupid or insane". Prof Dawkins is not merely point scoring. He is concerned that a failure to accept evolution alters our conception of life, which in turn has an impact on medical science - particularly embryonic stem cells.

"While partisan bloggers and the sun scare industry will use this as an opportunity to undermine Gov Palin and demonize the indoor tanning industry, the fact is that Governor Palin's decision to get UV light from a tanning bed positively impacts her health."
Indoor Tanning Industry responds to the news that Sarah Palin installed a sunbed in the Alaska Governor's mansion

Washington correspondent Daniel Greenberg's reports while observing President Richard Nixon awarding the prestigious National Science Medal to a group of scientists, the president was heard to say: "I have read the citations and I want you to know that I do not understand them, but I want you to know, too, that because I do not understand them, I realise how enormously important their contributions are to this nation."

"What a president has to know is the amount of uranium necessary to set off a Hiroshima type bomb… how long it would take, what kind of infrastructure you'd need and how much money it would take to assemble," states Mr Kaku, before adding "this is the stuff for which nations go to war"


teahouse said...

Hey, found you via Meish. Cute site!

I had no idea that Sarah Palin was a tanner...

Shantell said...

Well written article.