Sunday, January 17, 2010

Growing up

So I think I may need to change the name of this blog, I think I may officially be leaving behind my adolescence. And it only took 28 years. Matt and I decided to start looking for houses. We went through the process of getting pre-approved for a loan, found an agent, found a house, and tomorrow we will be signing the papers for the offer on the house. Throughout this process we have had new noisy neighbors move in above us and the apartment next door managed to catch on fire, I feel as though the universe is in agreement with our decision to move. Our idea of a perfect place to move was a bit idealistic. We wanted a 2 car garage, a dishwasher, a place for laundry, a kitchen with counter space, a location closer to LA and Hollywood, affordable, a fireplace, and a private outdoor area. We feel like we found it! It is located in a stigmatized area of Pasadena, but after my Dad drove around today he confirmed that the stigma no longer holds true. I am probably too excited but I wanted to share, luckily it is not a foreclosure or short sale so we don't foresee too many obstacles in the process, but things can always happen. Here are a few pictures:

Front of the house:

Back of the house:

Front patio:

Front room:

Dining Room:


Master bedroom:

The fireplace in the Master:


vickie said...

Ummm... Hello this place is AMAZING! I really hope that this works out, love it! Congrats!

Pam said...

So excited for you! Let us know how it goes. Where is it in Pasadena?

tamara said...

I think I'll try to do a drive by viewing of the house this week (weather permitting).

Katie said...


Could not be more excited for you! (And me too because you are will be like 10 minutes away).

This house is beautiful!!!!!!

* meish * said...

Congratulations to you and Matt!! This place looks fantastic and I can't wait to come visit :)

Beth said...

@Pam it is on Lincoln right off the 210. After doing some research I have found that it is an up and coming area with crime rates no different than any other part of Pasadena. There are new developments going in too, a brand new 24 hour fitness is one of them which would be convenient! Hopefully we find out if they accepted our offer today :)

Anonymous said...

Any news?

kippyskippy said...

Okay so I had NO idea that we were about to go through this at the same time. I'm so happy for you guys! I totally agree about the universe agreeing about buying a house, Mike and I had some things happen that pushed us in this direction also!