Thursday, February 21, 2008

8 is Great

1 - Why do movies, tv shows, and some radio shows have credits? I understand crediting the performers simply for the audience to reference, but why the behind-the-scenes people? I mean when was the last time you bought a car and it came with the credits of everyone on the factory line?

2 - I need to visit Cuba and soon.

3 - Did McCain have an affair with the female lobbyist?

4 - I feel for the Serbian minority in Kosovo. If my state made a unilateral proclamation to be independant of the country I identified with, I would be frightened and angry too, regardless of promises of safety from politicians.

5 - I am sick again. This will be the fourth time in a period of 6 weeks. I think I am doing something wrong.

6 - I want to be somepalce warm laying in a hammock by crystal clear waters in a bikini I am not ashamed to be wearing.

7 - My main motivation in life is sleep and vacation. Which explains why my thesis is far from done (or should I say started).

8 - A woman from Costa Rica, one of the healthiest democracies in South America, was intrigued by how intimately voters in the United States feel they need to know their candidates. She viewed this as a strength in our democracy. I am not so sure I would see it as a strength, since banal questions regarding personal perferences can overshadow a particular candidate's platform on relevant issues. I have an anonymous example regarding this: an United States voter I know went to and was matched on the issues with Obama. When this voter was asked to rate the character and personality of the candidates it actually outweighed the issues and brought McCain up as the forerunner.


Katie said...

I agree on #8. I think the most important thing about a candidate is what he is going to do for the country. I read a People magazine article with Obama where they asked him dumb questions about his daughters liking Hannah Montana. Who cares? Let's talk about real issues, granted it was People magazine.

And then there is the US Weekly article where Hillary comments on her past styles and outfits. Another big who cares? I don't feel I need to know these people personally, all I need is assurance that they can lead our country in a postive direction.

Maybe I need to branch out with my magazines.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

regarding #6

I think we should head over to Rio de Janeiro, because on Samantha Brown's Passport to Latin America (on the Travel Channel) she said everyone wears matter what.

I'm enjoying your blogging by the way.